Why we Love Fort Lauderdale

South Florida summers are for relaxation. And where could you find any place better to chill? Figuratively, not literally of course. Yes, our summers are hot. And humid. But when you’ve been around a while, as I have, you begin to recognize that those things are part of this season’s charm in our region. As a full-time Greater Fort Lauderdale resident, I’ve gone over the years from just putting up with summer to genuinely enjoying it. For one thing, the heat and humidity themselves offer real relaxation. Why else do health clubs have saunas and steam rooms? Because heat relaxes the muscles – and the mind. It’s a tonic for our air-conditioned stress.

When I open my sliding glass door in the morning to step outside on my patio, I find it pleasant to feel the muggy warmth on my skin. I sit in my chair and gaze out at the herons fishing in my little lake and I try to let go of any tension I’m carrying inside me. Ahhhhh… The summer climate helps me do that, my own personal steam room if you will.